Monday, December 28, 2009

Intensity of Migraines- What Trigger The Increase In Intesity Of Your Headaches Migraine

Migraines can be caused by very many factors, some environmental while others are emotional and physical. Migraine headache help for attacks triggered by food is said to be the easiest to implement. This is because one simply avoids the foods that trigger the condition.

Most of these foods include chocolates and foods that contain caffeine. Smoking also triggers migraines and the best migraine headache help for that is avoiding nicotine in the blood stream. Fatigue and stress are other causes of migraines that can be avoided and hence reduce intensity of the attacks.

However, attacks that are triggered by hormonal and environmental changes may not be very easy to control. Migraine headache help for such attacks will have to be prescribed by a doctor. Hormonal changes mainly happen in pregnant women or once during their monthly cycle. Therefore, the best migraine headache help options for them will include drugs that balance out their hormones.

Environmental changes include change in humidity levels as well as temperature surges. The best migraine headache help for such attacks is trying to maintain same humidity levels and controlling temperature changes in closed environments. Medication to ease pain can be administered in this case although the best way to treat it is staying in a closed dark room with fresh air circulation.

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